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IRCTC Eticket Barcode Explained

The barcode contains all ticket information. The data in the barcode can be verified using a barcode reader to know the details of an IRCTC eTicket.

Sample IRCTC Eticket barcode photo
Sample IRCTC Eticketing barcode photo

Note: The data within the eTicket must match the information within the barcode

Barcode Details

  1. TXN ID
  2. Passenger Name
  3. Gender
  4. Age
  5. Status of Ticket
  6. Quota
  7. Train Name
  8. Scheduled Departure
  9. From station
  10. To station
  11. Date of Journey
  12. Class
  13. Ticket Fare
  14. IRCTC SC + PG Charges Extra

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