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IRCTC Transaction ID Explained

What is transaction id in IRCTC Ticket

Transaction Id in any Rail ticket is an unique ID which shows your actual payment transaction to book the ticket using IRCTC website.

No other ticket in IRCTC system can have the same Transaction ID( called TID). However over some months this TID shall be rotated.

If you observer tickets booked in a single day at IRCTC website then you will find that all tickets get Transaction ID within a stipulated range only. That means if compare with any other day of the month then the Transaction ID range will be different. It will mostly be ever increasing. However when it is rotated then it again starts from the beginning

Within the IRCTC Booked Ticket History, your tickets may look like:

Booked Tickets
Select S.No. Transaction ID PNR Number Train No From To Date of Journey Reservation Status

1 200000932220827 2563117252 12050 GZB DDN 12-Oct-2017 Booked

2 200000932115659 2234923538 12054 GZB ALJN 20-Oct-2017 Booked

3 200000932185627 2563115043 12261 DDN GZB 16-Oct-2017 Booked

You can see the at the moment it is of length of some 15 numbers.

In case of Transaction Failure

In case ever due to Network etc errors if your ticket does not get booked then in the Failed Transaction History within IRCTC login you can see the failed transactions. Using the Transaction ID listed there, you can contact your bank etc in case your money is not refunded by IRCTC. You tell your bank etc the Transaction ID and not the PNR number or any other details


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