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For Office Duplicate Ticket Help

How to Make Duplicate TIcket

Please follow these steps to make your duplicate ticket:

  1. Collect all ticket details like:
    • PNR
    • Transaction Id
    • Date of Journey
    • Date of Boarding
    • Scheduled Arrival of Train
    • Passenger Mobile
    • Ticket Fare details, GST charge etc
    • Passenger details
  2. Load a HTML editor like Dreamweaver and build a HTML page which is exactly like real IRCTC web page
  3. Create a real Logo. It should be readable and genuine logo
  4. Copy the print style sheet from the real IRCTC E-ticket(if you know any web developer, then better)
  5. Print it on printer or take a photo of it
  6. Now your ticket is ready which looks exactly like your earlier ticket with exactly the same details

Sample duplicate and lost ticket


Ticket missing

From an road to New delhi

I m going to bubneswar in training

Please help me make fake duplicate ticket. Can you please suggest me tools to make this train ticket?

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